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“Our operation involves a number of complex challenges, which is why we invest heavily in our team.”

Brian K. Southern

Founder & CEO

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AgroRenew will begin accepting applications for positions in Business Operations, Science & Engineering, and Production in late summer 2024.

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Perform your best — in all
parts of your life.

When you join AgroRenew, you’re met with the support to bring out your best. With world-class benefits and development resources, we help you prioritize you. And your family. And yes, even you, Fido.

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We hire people who are good at what they do. But just as important, are a good match for us. 

Step 1: Apply

This is your time to shine. Show us who you are and what you can really do.

Step 2: Interview

The interview. Your chance to get to know us. Our chance to get to know you.

Step 3: Decision

This part is pretty simple. You rate us. We rate you. Time to make a decision.

Curious to know what's possible?

Want a simple recipe for career satisfaction and success? Choose to do what fuels your passion. At AgroRenew, we’re redefining how you view work from something you have to do to something you love to do.

Business Operations

Human Resources
Administrative Support
Business Development

Science & Engineering

Process Engineering
Food Scientists


Production Operations
Receiving / Shipping
Fork Truck Operators

I'm interested in a career at AgroRenew:

what makes us different

The values we live by


We care about ourselves. We care about people outside ourselves. We care about our work. And we care about the potential of our work to transform the lives of our team, our families, our community, and the environment. It all matters.


Safety and Quality are the highest priority in our production areas and throughout the company. That means we have to be honest about mistakes. Every mistake is an opportunity to improve how we work and how we think. When mistakes happen, we treat them as the foundation on which innovation is built. We encourage a culture of exploration, experimentation, and deep learning from every mistake, so we can ensure every mistake is useful.

Portrait of a Happy Family


Transformation keeps things interesting. We want to have a transformative impact–on ourselves, our families, our community, and the environment. We want lives to be different because we existed. We believe every person can be an agent of transformation, and we support every member of the team stepping into that role.

Someone raising hand in a class


We are open. That means we’re honest, transparent, and accountable. It also means we’re open to new possibilities; we’re open to new points of view; we’re open to challenging others and being challenged ourselves. By being open, we build a high-trust environment where people care, mistakes are permissible, challenges are overcome, and transformation is inevitable.


Challenge is where you meet yourself. We embrace curiosity, adaptability, and a growth mindset as essential drivers of personal and professional development. We seek and embrace challenges as the primary vehicle for growth, improvement, and fulfilling our potential.

Team member benefits

There are benefits to being on our team, and we’re not just talking about free coffee. Our rewards reflect our inclusive values and are extended to every team member, regardless of department or seniority. 

Health coverage

We make sure your health insurance has your back. It's like a protective force field for your well-being, shielding you from unexpected health hiccups.

Parental leave

Hit the pause button on your career for 16 weeks to focus on the newest, cutest addition to your family — the ultimate perk for sleep-deprived, diaper-changing superheroes everywhere!

On-site child care

Have a little one at home? Did school close early? Bring kiddos to work at no charge. No, that's not a typo; it's 100% included in your employment.

Competitive pay

Competitive salaries, performances bonuses, equity, and tuition assistance, because we believe your paycheck should be as impressive as your skills.

Retirement savings

What's a 401K match? You stash some cash, and we sprinkle in some extra dough – now that's what we call a match made in financial heaven!

Self-managed PTO

You'll get a “bank” of PTO days from which you’re free to draw on as necessary. This flexible PTO model promotes autonomy, trust, respect, accountability, and work-life balance.

Health clinic

Stay healthy, save time, and prioritize your well-being at our on-site health clinic. It's like having a personal healthcare concierge, but with less waiting and more convenience.

Recognition and rewards

Awards with cash incentives ties to our values, service, and innovation, because at AgroRenew, every success story deserves its own standing ovation.