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"Our journey from concept to realization has been a remarkable testament to the power of innovation and collaboration at The Pantheon. With our cutting-edge processing plant, we aim to not only redefine the plastics industry but also contribute significantly to the local economy while prioritizing environmental sustainability."

Brian K. Southern

Founder & CEO at AgroRenew

"The establishment of AgroRenew's bioplastics manufacturing plant is expected to generate numerous benefits for Knox County and its residents, including the creation of new job opportunities, economic growth, and reduced environmental impact. As the company prepares to break ground and commence construction, anticipation is building for the positive transformation that this venture will bring to the region - jobs, growth, and inspiration for future startups at The Pantheon."

Chris Pfaff

CEO at Knox County Indiana Economic Development

"The Pantheon deserves 100% of the credit. If it weren’t for the connections I made while networking with locals and the reliable support given from their leaders, my idea wouldn’t have had the resources to flourish to what it is today. The many partnerships we’ve formed and collaborations made to ensure prosperous economic growth, we owe to The Pantheon.”

Katie Southern

Chief Science Officer at AgroRenew

“This is huge for the farm. Current standard procedure is that the farm incurs a cost or pays someone to dump the product, if it doesn’t make grade A fruit and vegetable standards, so this is going to provide an opportunity for us to either do that at a cost neutral way or even make a profit off of this. And then this also opens up the doors for us to harvest all of the fruits and vegetables that we would previously leave in the field.”

Brady Mouzin

Operations Manager, Mouzin Bros. Farm

“The Pantheon offers no-cost business advising services to the public for a variety of business needs – startup ideation and de-risking, training and referrals, legal help, funding, certifications, pitch competitions, and a library of cultivated tools to help small businesses thrive in Knox County.”

Nichole Like

CEO at The Pantheon Innovation & Business Center

AgroRenew Groundbreaking June 19, 2024

Press Release

Vincennes, Ind. (June 19, 2024) – Sixteen months after Knox County farmers pondered what could be done with 40 million pounds of unharvested melons, area leaders and residents gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of a plant that will take those unpicked melons and turn them into plastic.

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